TUNES // Illuminati Hotties – Paying Off The Happiness

Post by Misha

You know how meeting new people is 20% butterflies and pop songs and 120% waiting to text them back exactly three minutes longer than they waited to text you?

There are a lot of songs out there telling you that someday it will be different. That one day you’ll meet Someone and you’ll be able to quit all the quantifying, the scorekeeping, the oneupsmanship and two-steps-back-taking, and open up your heart.

But not this song, thank god.


Paying Off The Happiness is cheerfully fatalistic, a cautionary tale about being tender-while-dating set to delightful pop-punk guitar and an ooh ahh chorus. A tune to whistle all the way to the Tinder date whose name you keep forgetting.

0011901285_10Illuminati Hotties burst onto the scene earlier this year with their fun-sad single You’re Better (Than Ever) and since then the LA band with a penchant for singing about hoodies has been busy; they signed to Tiny Engines, gained well-deserved momentum at SXSW, and announced their debut album (the cheekily titled Kiss Yr Frenemies) – not to mention released some of 2018’s very best commentary on modern dating. 

Kiss Yr Frenemies is out in May. Pre order here, and LA folks – buy tickets now to their April 9th show at The Echo and the album release show on May 10th at The Satellite. Tix here


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