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Misha started Hullabaloo in 2014 because it was the only way she could justify spending 3 hours a day listening to music instead of writing her college thesis. To date, it’s the only project she’s kept up for more than 3 months (RIP to dreams of felting the entire cast of Archer).

Misha’s musical tastes are all over the place. These days she’s been getting down to a lot of introspective female-fronted DIY stuff. We tried to get her to tell us her all-time favorite bands for this bio but she panicked and just started naming lunchmeats.


I subscribe to amalgamation. water + light. music + image. sriracha + all sustenance. corgis + more corgis. photoshop + black coffee. schmidt + winston + nick. That’s how synthesis works right? I gravitate to electronic music because 1) anything was better as a kid than the same five Christian songs 2) it has started to permeate every genre 3) it encapsulates a lot of feelings I use to inspire other work, but I also dance to it when that becomes overwhelming (no, not like in The Lobster). I like pop (blasting Carly Rae down the freeway), R&B (*when a lyric clicks the 87th time you listen to that Frank Ocean song*), Folk Rock (thanks for the vulnerability Sufjan), and Rap (Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City: my most spun record this decade). Full disclosure: Spotify told me I can’t add any more songs, so I’ve been dreading the necessary library maintenance. I read Pitchfork too much. I don’t really fuck with onions. I’m an adamant Coldplay fan. I don’t read saidthegramophone enough. I like swing dancing, but it can make me anxious. I go on photo adventures to relax. Tycho has long since become my aesthetic benchmark. Thai or Ethiopian food, right now! Drop everything!!


Hi. My name is Colleen. My on-again, off-again nickname is CC. I’m a list-maker, so my bio is a list.

1. Writes about: 90s music, and artists who had anything to do with that decade.

2. Personality aesthetic is: K. Flay meets Terry from Brooklyn 99 meets Mandy Lee from Misterwives.

3. Line I quote most often from Devil Wears Prada is: “No, I shan’t!”

4. Wonders about: Where Jackie Chan is and what he’s doing at any given moment in time.

5. Times I saw La La Land in theater: Four. Don’t @ me.

6. Song I relate to the most: “Many the Miles” by Sara Bareilles.

7. Band that made me realize my love for music: Goo Goo Dolls.

8. Often wishes: every song would feature Kendrick Lamar and/or Chance the Rapper.

9. Favorite artist Twitter handle to follow is: Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

10. Why I like writing for Hullaballoo: Misha is dope and chill af.


ro cabison believes music is the most powerful way to expose people to new ideas.

her causes include creating community for diaspora filipinxs, minority representation in media, and letting other humans know they are loved.

she can often be found digging for cassettes and writing on hully hip hop from an aggressively feminist point of view.