TUNES // Champagne Superchillin – Amor Fati

Post by Misha

los angeles is almost glamorous on the drive between north hollywood and downtown after 10pm on a night that is perfect and smothering. say what you will about the freeways but nothing beats the thrill of peeling off the one-oh-one going the whole speed limit. things glitter brighter than the stars on their best nights.


the horizon might be pressed between the pages of a hundred unread scripts and pasted on a billboard behind the in n out. keep going past the last exit and you might find out how fast you have to be going to make it out to the other side.

Buy Beach Deep from Champagne Superchillin’ here (via Broken Circles). Their Bandcamp page calls Beach Deep an album about dreams – ” a string of moments and conversations, pearls and teeth.” Though they designate Gipsy Ferrari as the song for driving through the city, Amor Fati strikes me as well suited to the mysterious transformation of LA-after-dark. 


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