TUNES // Jordana – Jackie’s 15

Post by Misha

This song makes me think about the tenderest things.


Like once when things got really bad my friend came to stay with me. She brought over herbal tea, eggs, and oatmeal because she wasn’t sure when I’d last gone shopping, and a new-agey book about feminine power and dog eared the chapters for me to read first. She cooked me breakfast while I laid on the couch and didn’t listen when I said I wasn’t hungry. Then she sat with me the whole day talking when I needed to talk but mostly just sitting. When I cried she rubbed my back and it helped more than I thought it would.

Sometimes I think about that time and wonder whether if someone told me I could trade it in for a whole entire lifetime of feeling content if I’d take them up on that.

Buy Jordana’s music here. It’s sweet and lovely.


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