ALBUMS // Ginger Root – Mahjong Room

Post by Misha

The first heat wave of the summer always comes as a shock to the nervous system. A sticky second skin settles over everything, too thin to be washed away but thick enough to catch in the lungs. Nothing is dry. Walking outside becomes post apocalyptic. Air conditioners drip sweat from every window while those without windows wander barefoot and dazed. It is quiet in a thick sort of way, except for the air which suddenly has a pulse.


But at the peak of the wave there’s something that happens to the city I think which is that we all lose our edges a little bit; they melt or get blurry the way a mirage does in the movies. Everything feels closer – not geographically but in the sense that there’s just less in between. Breath hangs in the air and is shared. There’s an awareness of that. The ground pulls all matter inwards towards the same center. There’s an awareness of that, too. The end of the story is we will all eventually melt.

And it’s at that moment that a whole entire city alive with fleeting togetherness, goes out dancing.


Buy Ginger Root‘s Mahjong Room here, my pick for this summer’s heatwave dancing music. Get tickets for upcoming shows in LA and Chicago here


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