TUNES // Boreen – Myers Briggs

Post by Misha

Today I went to visit and deliver some cooking supplies to the LA Against ICE encampment in front of the detention center in downtown LA where dozens of people have been camped out for weeks in protest of Trump’s No Tolerance policy separating and detaining immigrant families at the border.

The people I met were dedicated and inspiring, but they were also tired, sweaty, and wearing the grime of having woken up on a downtown sidewalk for 13 straight days. It broke a hundred degrees in Los Angeles today, and tomorrow it’s supposed to reach 106.


It struck me as a good time to share this song, as the proceeds are being donated to a similar encampment protesting ICE in Portland. Activism is work and sacrifice and profound giving of one’s time and energy, and it doesn’t stop at the street – it also requires a community of people not on the front lines providing the resources to make the work possible.

Please buy this song – it’s very good and your money will go towards making the work possible. Donate as much as you can! While I was at the LA encampment someone brought popsicles, and they provided a moment of very simple relief. Nothing is too small. Everything matters.

Boreen is an Oregon-based 4-piece who describe themselves as “somewhere between Mt. Eerie and Alex G, the mundane captured in stark detail and woven into something altogether more fantastical.” Myers-Briggs captures that amorphous post-college moment when the tracks run out on the train that for some two decades had reliably carried your regularly scheduled life to its ticketed destination. You remember that moment. It’s terrifying. Perhaps you’re still in it. This song is for you. Buy it!


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