ALBUMS // Sun June – Years

Post by Misha

On the way home from work I went to the store and only got as far as a bottle of wine and a jar of pickles before becoming too tired to continue. They were the spicy bread and butter kind and I ate them out of the jar on the couch while listening to this album and then about halfway through the bottle of wine I did some online record shopping.


I can’t really explain why it was so impossible to finish my grocery shopping, or even just walk two aisles over to the frozen food and pick up a pizza like a normal angsty single person. I just felt sure that if I spent another moment standing with the mom in the condiment section making the same existential choice between mustards I would have to look her right in the eyes and ask something alarming like, “ARE YOU AS TIRED AND SAD AS I AM?”

I used to think that this kind of night was what stood between me and the kind of adulthood I see in the produce aisle at 6pm picking out kale in a well-tailored pant suit but either there’s more to it than that or that’s not really what adulthood looks like.


Sun June‘s music is not sad music, exactly. It’s music that understands tiredness. On Johnson City when Laura Colwell whispers “just come home with me” over and over again it is a familiar wish on the dimmest star. The wish might be for a person, or maybe it’s just a longing to tie a string onto whatever thing that makes us whole and peaceful instead of ragged and exhausted, and to drag it trailing along behind us all the way home.

At times the album becomes the answer to the wish, and the very air is infused with the feeling of being about to fall asleep after a long day.

Buy Sun June‘s debut full length album, Years, here via Keeled Scales.


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