TUNES // Velvet Negroni – Spiceworld

Post by Misha

In the second grade I played alone at recess because 1) my mom refused to buy me the white Adidas platform sneakers that were popular in the year of our lord 1998 and 2) we didn’t get the channels that played the Spice Girls, which put me at a distinct disadvantage when I tried to join the gaggle of girls auditioning for each other to channel Posh, Baby, Scary, Sporty, or Ginger for the duration of recess period.


I found the ritual confusing, and I was too young to fully understand social stratification, but I do remember being vaguely aware that knowing which Spice Girl to identify as would make me more friends.

One day my mom came back from a jog with a battered, scratched up copy of Spiceworld that she’d found on the side of the road. It took several tries to get it to play, every song skipped after about 20 seconds, and for weeks it was my most prized possession because I could finally lip sync to Spice Up Your Life with the girls at recess.

Wow, that was a really long time ago.

I never did get to be a Spice Girl girl, though.

Buy Velvet Negroni‘s sultry experimental pop RnB album, T.C.O.D. here.


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