TUNES // Hayden James – Just Friends (feat Boy Matthews)

Post by Haneul Sky

A couple weeks ago I accidently stumbled on a tune, Just Friends by Hayden James. A few days before this encounter, I “coincidently” wrote a poem about one night. I am not trying to say that the universe was magically revolving around me. But life is definitely wondrous when a pastel melody speaks to your heart as if it is becoming a piece of your life and it electrifies your skin.

I don’t remember how many times I played this song. It drew me back to the night when the candlelight whispered a spell, when my shy breath floated in her downy skin, and when her gentle tongue left words on my hair. The universe still does not revolve around me. But when I tune in to the music and close my eyes, I see us falling deeply into the night sky and our sunken bodies lost in the fallen stars. Maybe it is me (and us) that revolves around the universe.

Buy Just Friends here.


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