TUNES // Sudan Archives – Nont For Sale

Post by Misha

i imagine that the rain outside smells like lavender. even though i know it does not. it doesn’t even smell like pavement, but the things inside the pavement. cigarette ash. urine and coca cola. kombucha. barbecue sauce. a kind of urban sweat baked in three hundred sunny days of hard and easy living. but i’m inside with a cup of coffee and a lavender plant and i like to imagine.


that the rain outside is the plucked strings of a violin. that like those strings the sky pulls itself apart to make fire and tears at the same time.

Sudan Archives is the moniker of Brittney Denise Parks, who first found herself drawn to the violin while growing up in Cincinnati. After years of developing her self-taught creative voice, she moved to LA and began making music armed with her strings and a looping station. Her mesmerizing style is influenced by Sudanese violin music and 90s RnB and is entirely, breathtakingly her own. The second EP from Sudan Archives, titled Sink, is out May 25th via Stones Throw. Order it here



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