TUNES // Samia – 21

Post by Misha

you know that sense you have when you’re a kid, maybe 10 or 11, and you have to eat asparagus or whatever and nothing seems fair and you very foolishly think, when i’m a teenager though i won’t have to deal with any of this shit. that’ll be great.

and then you’re a teenager and you understandably but again, foolishly, think – ok but when i move out that’s when we can really get things going vis a vis Life vis a vis Figuring It Out.

and then you’re in your twenties dreaming about being An Adult but like Really An Adult but For Real Though because This Can’t Be It.


21 is the newest single from New York singer-songwriter Samia. We are eagerly anticipating whatever comes next. Buy 21, along with Samia‘s previous singles, here.


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