TUNES // wished bone – reason

Post by Misha

my very good, very new agey friend once said to me, “you don’t have to have a story about why you’re sad. you can just be sad.”


it took me a while to think about that, and i’m not sure i have it all the way figured out but as near as i can tell it’s something about how a narrative is not always necessary to allow emotion into the body. sometimes it is enough to let it rip through you, pour through, shiver through, shine through you.

feeling things without having to bother with cause and effect, without having to strain them through the who what where why and how of it all, is nicer and lighter than it has any business being. it feels like un-damming a river and floating in the field that it floods.

last night it felt like drinking a very overpriced los angeles cbd oil tea and listening to the new wished bone album.


Buy wished bone‘s cellar belly, the second release from Human Noise Records, here


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