TUNES // Oddnesse – Trust

Post by Misha

for a brief period in middle school i was cool. or at least other people thought i was cool based upon my association, during that period, with a group of girls who were generally considered cool.

it was an uneasy time. i was deeply aware of the things you can be penalized for in middle school. dark body hair. uncool socks. eyebrows. that kind of thing. i have never been naturally cool, if that’s what you’re wondering. it was worth it though, because those girls though they never said it exactly, told me i belonged.

now, in case there’s any confusion: i absolutely did not. my socks were wrong. my eyebrows were definitely wrong (an objective fact independently verified since by several beauty professionals.) but anyway these girls just didn’t know it yet.

they found out eventually though, and when they did they broke up with me in the girls’ locker room. they chose an ambassador to come and tell me that “so we’ve been talking and we uh just don’t want to hang out with you anymore.”

i wonder where that girl is now. i hope she’s doing ok. i never blamed her; she was just following orders.

anyway after that what happened was i cried in the bathroom for a while and had a goth phase for two years and grew closer to a girl who is still my friend to this day.

so when i think about trust i think about locker rooms and fishnet shirts and a short list of people who have held my hand while i cried in a bathroom stall.


Oddnesse is Rebeca Arango and producer Grey Goon. The two LA-via-east-coast expats shared a vision for infectious beautiful music with a dark, heavy groove and as friends occasionally dropped by the studio with contributions, Oddnesse was born. Follow the duo on Intsta, Twitter, and FB.


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