TUNES // Demo Taped – Pack Of Gum

Post by Misha

In college I got worried that I might be susceptible to addiction because, and this is real, I couldn’t stop chewing Orbit cinnamon gum.

In my defense, college was a really stressful time and yes I suppose I could have picked up something much more destructive and I do suspect that chewing gum kept the adderall from doing something really harmful vis a vis my teeth and the constant compulsion to grind them into a powder, but also I was going through like a pack a day. It started messing with my digestion and became really a whole thing.

Anyway that’s why I can’t have cinnamon gum anymore. And I really like this song.

Demo Taped is an Atlanta-based singer and producer. His 2018 EP, Momentary, is a synth soaked, feel-good, pop RnB must-listen. Buy or stream it here.


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