TUNES // Balún – El Espanto

Post by Misha

I keep having this dream about a river. I’m running away from something (or someone?) and then I jump in a river and I know that if I can get to the next bend I’ll be ok. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don’t, but it’s always the same river.

Any Freudians out there?

unnamed (5)

El Espanto (Spanish for “fright” or “horror”) is jagged and disorienting in its syncopation. Its beats push the limits of their time signature, creating an anxious and evocative stutter-step. Which makes it all the more disarming when the song resolves lushly into a generous, languid chorus. There’s something very dreamlike and fluid about the story it tells, even though I cannot understand the words.

El Espanto is the first single from Brooklyn-via-Puerto-Rico four-piece Balún‘s forthcoming sophomore album. The record, Prisma Tropical, is due July 20th on Good Child Music. Check out more from Balún here.


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