TUNES // Hana Vu – Crying On The Subway

Post by Misha

There’s a popular misconception that there’s no subway in Los Angeles. There is. The most highly trafficked route is the Red Line, which begins at Union Station in Downtown LA and speeds through the seedier parts of downtown-adjacent before meeting up with the Purple Line to McArthur Park and K-Town; then it makes a few stops in Hollywood and finally ends up all the way out in the NoHo “arts district”. (No one really knows why they call it that.)


The Red Line is just ok as far as public transport goes, but it makes a great place to have a quick cry. There’s a constant protective barrier of white noise, eye-contact avoidance is practiced like an Olympic sport, and you’ll never be the one doing the weirdest thing on there.

On New Years Eve a couple years back the Red Line ran all night for free in an effort to combat drunk driving. So when 1am rolled around the trains were full of sequined cocktail dresses and bare feet. Some of us sat on the floor, eye level with the high heels dangling from someone’s boyfriend’s hands. No one talked. Two girls across from me were crying. Most of us just stared blankly at the windows, trying to make prophecy out of graffiti etchings.

At Pershing Square this guy got on the train dressed head to toe in a very realistic Batman suit and carrying a Bluetooth speaker playing the loudest Christian rock music I’ve ever heard. Occasionally he closed his eyes and sang. He had a pretty good baritone.

To this day I wonder where he was going.


Hana Vu: a Los Angeles local and, apparently, seasoned Red Line crier. Crying On The Subway is her first single since her 2016 album Sensitive. It’s muddily lovely and perfect for a trip downtown, or back in time. Buy Hana’s music here. Watch the beautifully choreographed video for Crying On The Subway below:


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