TUNES // Frankie Simone – War Paint

Post by Misha

I took a couple weeks off of mental health. It went about as well as you’d expect. I tried to write about this song a couple of times but it was honestly just a little too empowered and self-assured for me to totally digest while dealing with crippling anxiety. I watched the video again this morning, though and something finally got through. I feel proud, though I’m not sure what of exactly. And I feel ready, though I’m not sure what for.

War Paint is a song that absolutely must be listened to along with its video, which features the mesmerizing choreography and dancing talent of Frankie Simone’s wife, Che Che Luna.


It’s simple, it’s big, it’s a battle cry. Simone says that one inspiration for the song came from a family member who told her and her wife they they needed to stop posting so much “lesbian bullshit” on Instagram. War Paint is her perfect response. And it is not an apology. Also it will stay in your head for weeks.

Frankie Simone has a 5-song EP titled LOVE//WARRIOR coming out June 1st. Pre-order it (and buy War Paint) here.


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