TUNES // Kareen Lomax – Clothes

Post by Misha

A few months ago I added a sentence to my Tinder profile which has become the only thing that anyone responds to:

“Looking for someone whose sex playlist is as good as mine.”

Which I think you can tell a lot about a person from how they respond to that particular challenge.

The fragile-male-ego types are fun. They want me to know that they’ve never had any complaints about their sex playlist. That it lasts for hours. Because it’s longer than the average, if you know what I mean.

The ones who want to work for it tell me their top tracks. Usually old-school RnB that tries just a decade too hard, but occasionally a refreshing, date-getting deep cut.

Lazy boys just ask me what’s on it. Which aggressively misses the point of a sexy-time playlist. I don’t go out with them.

Women almost exclusively open with a wink wink nudge nudge “can’t wait to hear this playlist” which I almost always find endearing and not presumptuous. Idk women are the best.

Anyway my point is that this song is going on the playlist.


Georgia RnB singer songwriter Kareen Lomax says that while Clothes certainly has sexual undertones, she also wrote it is as a metaphor for letting others behind her own emotional walls. Her third EP is out this month via Atlanta’s Backpack Music. She’s currently on tour, dates here.


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