TUNES // 070 Shake – Somebody Like Me (feat. 070Phi)

Post by Misha

the dream where there’s a price tag on my back that everyone can see except for me – waking up for a moment to wonder who guards the knowledge of self-worth.

Somebody Like Me is a bitterly triumphant document of a woman who has learned her own worth the hard way. 

070Shake‘s new EP, fittingly titled Glitter, is an emergence from the darkness of depression and addiction, something Shake likes to visualize as a baptism of glitter. The EP bears out this visual metaphor – dark themes shimmering as they catch the sun for the first time, propelled forward and into the light by Shake’s minimal, driving beats. The young singer has an intensely commanding, smoky voice, and on this EP she uses her full range, switching genres between rap, RnB, and big, iconic pop. 

Buy Glitter here, out now on Def Jam.


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