TUNES // Posse – Stupid Thing


Post by Victoria

Today I learned that I have an extra heartbeat.
I looked at my doctor, her stethoscope still pressed against my chest,
And said, “Huh.”

So now when you ask me why I am-
Uprooted by love
Under empathy’s spell
Most myself in the tiniest moments of the day
Forever aching the loss of you
Longing to squeeze the nectar out of life
Riding with the wind in my hair on the backs of dreams
Sunken into the earth by grief when they detour
Still offering myself to the sun with stars in my eyes,

I will be sure to send you the doctors note.


Posse‘s Stupid Thing captures the ambivalence of love. A plodding beat counts out the reluctant steps, remembering with regret: 

You walked into the room
Such a stupid thing to do
Such a stupid thing to try
When you’re around me

It’s unclear whether we’re trudging away from the last mistake, or towards the next. 

This lovely slice of alt-country melancholia comes off the Seattle-based band’s latest and final full length album, Horse Blanket. You can buy it via Hidden Bay Records here



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