TUNES // Aaron Childs – No Hobbies

Post by Misha

LA is a lonely city. Sometimes it feels full of dreams, but sucked dry of passion. Like we all started with a thing we loved so much that it pulled us out of our hometowns and into a smoggy metropolis, but somewhere along the way from there to here all the joy leaked out. A city of people holed up in coffee shops working on screenplays out of habit, composing music for car commercials.

There’s a certain loss of innocence, and I don’t know, maybe it’s not the city. Maybe it’s just what growing up is. When suddenly parties are not just parties but “networking opportunities,” friends become “connections,” and you start justifying hobbies as hustles.

Aaron Childs is an LA local, and I like to imagine him first humming this song late at night driving down an artery of downtown. It’s a song for remembering how fun and vibrant a city of dreams can be.

No Hobbies is the B-side to Aaron Childs single, Tangerine, out now on GODMODE. The soulful LA-based singer-songwriter released his first EP last year, a five song gem called My Way. Buy here. You can hear his newest funky single Basketball here


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