TUNES // Triathalon – Hard To Move

Post By Misha

Last weekend I worked 60 hours in four days, which is a thing I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.


I was drinking Red Bulls to stay awake, then going home to fall asleep in a cloud of smoke for at least most of the six hours I had before I needed to be back at work.

Anyway the job finally ended and I said, “OK cool work time is done. Time for that pile of laundry. And that stack of unopened mail. And that list of unanswered emails.”

So that was 6 days ago and I’m still digging through clothes on my floor to find vaguely presentable things to wear.

I was getting ready to do a whole downward spiral about it but then I decided to be mad at capitalism or something instead and ordered a pizza and listened to the new Triathalon album.


Triathalon‘s Online is a masterpiece of indie rock in the age of the internet. Hard To Move sets its sights on immobilization; being overworked, underpaid, hustling, holing up to get out of the cold, and loving through the grind. Online is out now on Broken Circles. Buy it here. Tour dates here


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