TUNES // Helena Deland – There Are A Thousand

Post by Zach

A drunken spelunking to the caverns I don’t visit:
lowered past stalactites dripping calcium thoughts
and dodging stalagmite dreams I once built up.
I have one match that burns my eyes in the dark and reveals old cave paintings,
marred and crumbling at the hands of time and elements and colorless bats.
Ancient simple things live down here, blunt and persistent:
from dark corners they bellow monosyllabic truths that bounce off the stone and land in my bucket.
When it’s full, the ancient simple things–like goblins but impartial–tug twice on my rope and I’m hoisted.
And in the ascension, I know that what fills my bucket (sickly-colored gems and misshapen ore) will be there when I’m sober on the surface and want to know what I think and who I am, who I really am, in ways the top-dwellers are too polite to tell me.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 7.48.14 PMHelena Deland is a Montreal singer with a new EP out March 3 titled Altogether Unaccompanied via Luminelle Records. There Are A Thousand is soft and gentle in its melancholy. Plush bass guitar and sweet flourishes provide some relief from a story about self-sabotage. Pre-order the EP here


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