TUNES // Yaeji – Raingurl

Post by Zach

After my mom finally accepted that my gayness wasn’t a phase, she took it upon herself to learn about my New Gay Life in every way she could–save for actually talking to me. Between the gay minstrelsy of sitcom side-characters and the sobering misery of books about AIDS, she was convinced I now went out clubbing every night to thumping bass, enjoying unprotected sex in dingy bathroom stalls with exclusively HIV+ men, and stumbling home covered in their tainted cum.

Little did she know (even though she totally could have if she had just asked) I was still at home with my roommates playing Super Smash Bros and smoking pot. However, if I were to go out clubbing, I imagine I’d be dancing shirtless and molly-ridden to something like this:

Korean rap sensation Yaeji took the world by storm last year when she released her second EP on GODMODE last May. The 24 year old rapper-producer splits her time between Seoul and New York, flowing effortlessly between English and Korean in her verses. Raingurl is a flawless club banger that begs you to join it on the dancefloor. Yaeji is currently on a North American tour. Tickets here.  


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