TUNES // MOD CON – Do It Right Margo

Post by Misha

I’ve been listening to this song for the last 10 minutes over and over, inching the volume up with every repeat, wondering if Margo will tell her story if I give her another few decibels.

I decide she is in a house fire. Being shaken awake and being told to take the parts of herself that she can carry, and let the rest burn.

But then I think, she also is the house fire.

By minute 14 I am only buzzing eardrums and a sketch of savage, chaotic reinvention.


Melbourne rockers MOD CON have only one single out right now (which you can nab on a 7″ split with Fair Maiden) but they have a new single out next week on Poison City Records. In the meantime I am absolutely in love with Do It Right Margo and it is shredding my week in all the right ways. If you happen to be down under, don’t miss their single release show on Feb. 18. Details here.


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