TUNES // SZA – Go Gina

Post by Misha

one saturday night in a bar in downtown los angeles
in the bathroom, i complimented a girl on her dress.

“omg thank you. i wasn’t sure if the off-the-shoulder looked weird!”
she replied.

“nah girl, you’re rocking it”
i reassured her.

“you’re the best. how’s your night going? are you dating that guy you’re with? you’re really cute together.”

i laughed.
“aw thank you! but no, just a second date.”

“oh! and what do we think? do we approve? does he get to come back?”

“well he’s actually from out of town, so we’re just having fun this weekend, you know?”

“aw, totally. that’s sweet.”

“thanks girl, you’re so cool.”

“omg so are you. i hope i see you before we leave!”

“me too!”

and then we hugged goodbye.

just a friendly reminder that the world would be a better place
if everyone was more like drunk girls in the bathroom.

I realized recently that I have never posted SZA before. Which, given the magnificence of her 2017 album CTRL (and the indignity of that fucking Grammy snub) is a thing I’ve been wanting to remedy now for some time. While writing this post, my friend pointed out that obviously the only perfect song pairing for a poem about nice girls in bathrooms is Go Gina. So here we are.

Buy or stream CTRL here.


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