TUNES // Pop Gems For The Weekend

Post by Misha

I can always tell that the seasons are about to change when I start getting restless about my Spotify playlists. For the better part of the fall and winter I wrapped myself in fingerpicked guitar, wispy fiddle melodies, and lo-fi folk lullabies. Not much has changed in the air outside – it’s always a sunny and sinister 75 in Los Angeles – but our cat has been shedding even more than usual, so I guess it’s time for something new.

This week I’m catching up on some of the pop gems I missed during hibernation.

DeJ Loaf // No Fear

DeJ Loaf transcends the genre of summer-love-banger with No Fear, gracefully delivering personal lyrics and infusing them with that vulnerable hopefulness that is the universal trademark of love.


Buy or stream No Fear here.


Sigrid // Strangers

21 year old Norwegian singer Sigrid is the latest in a long lineage of Scandinavian pop queens. Strangers is a perfect collision of lovesick lyrics and strobe-ready beats. But despite its glittery pedigree, the song’s subject is a more sober affair: the deflating realization that lust is not love, and it subverts some of the conventions that gives pop music its inhuman sheen.

Additionally, this is one of the full stop very best lyric videos I’ve ever seen.

Buy or stream Strangers here.


Troye Sivan // My My My!

Troye Sivan masters the shimmery escapism that Strangers eschews. My My My! is a joyful ode to jumping in headfirst.


Buy or stream My My My! here.



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