TUNES // Habibi – Nedayeh Bahar

Post by Misha

“When she goes, we feel her gone
and when she’s gone, the wind sings her song
it sings along”

Something that keeps me up at night is how many nice things we might have if the large majority of the world’s non-male, non-white people had not been silenced throughout most of history. A female answer to the Beatles, from India (who perhaps would have avoided fetishizing mysticism in their later years)? Another Frida Kahlo? Some working alternatives to capitalism, mass incarceration, and fossil fuels based in cooperation and mutual respect?

At the very least we’d almost certainly have produced male contraceptives.

Nedayeh Bahar, which translates to “Song For Spring” in Farsi, reminds me to honor the voices I never got to hear, and celebrate and amplify the ones emerging today.


Nedayeh Bahar is the first track from Habibi after a four year hiatus. It’s steeped in jangly psych-pop, riffy fuzz, and wisdom. The Iranian-American band led by frontwoman Rahill] Jamalifard has a new EP coming out in March titled Cardamom Garden. Guitarist Lenny Lynch says that the new single makes a statement: “There’s so many more ways to communicate than with just one Western idea.”


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