TUNES // Minimall – My Full Moon

Post by Misha

I read this essay recently speculating that women might tend to be more attracted to “New Age medicine” because the medical field generally has failed us so profoundly, and taken so little interest in the particular ailments and health concerns of women, that we have been forced to look elsewhere for our solutions – even when (or maybe especially when) those solutions fall outside the proscribed borders of a “sensible”, “rational”, FDA-approved Western approach.


I wonder if there is not a similar psychological phenomenon that’s responsible for my sudden inability to conjure up my usual contempt for the astrological inclinations of my Los-Angeles-born friends. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s bullshit. It’s just that the baseline for bullshit has shifted so far in the direction of normalcy over the last year that, I dunno, getting dumped because Mercury is in retrograde seems sort of as logical as the next totally regular batshit thing.

This song is not especially about astrology, but it does talk a lot about full moons and is steeped in a colorful, cheeky, off-kilter brand of pop that is one of my favorite things about the LA scene.

Minimall is a five piece pop outfit from Los Angeles that will capture your heart with their bittersweet bubblegum melodies and absolutely perfect 1950s girl-gang aesthetic (they uh, have matching pastel letterman jackets so, yeah). The group released their first EP last year, a five song gem titled, HUH! Look for more music and shows around LA this year, and buy their music here


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