TUNES // Shrugs – It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie

Post by Misha


Several Things Found In The Left Pocket Of The Green Coat I Bought In Prague In Winter 2011

(1) crumpled napkin, Grom gelateria – Florence, Italy
(1) grocery receipt for: salami, pesto, mozzarella, baguette – Florence, Italy
(1) shard of terra cotta – origin unremembered
(2) bus tickets – Istanbul, Turkey
(1) metro rail ticket – Madrid, Spain
(2) shop receipts – Szeged, Hungary
(1) German Wings boarding stub, GGN – BUD

(1) the name of the italian town i can’t remember and the cafe with the only limoncello i’ve ever loved

(~10-20) the paper cups of hot wine and how the coats didn’t work without them

(1) the man belonging to the second bus ticket, whom i loved so long ago i can hardly remember what that must have felt like

(1) the bonfire where we sang wagon wheel with a few people i still see on facebook

the old shoebox where i put tiny scraps of faded paper that i miss almost all the time

and whatever human thing that keeps me from throwing them away

Shrugs are a four-piece band from Lafayette, Louisiana. I met one of their members recently on a trip to Austin and it reminded me of the fleeting serendipity of travel. 

The young band has already released a self-titled full-length album and an EP called Fallen Into Wine, both from 2017. Their softly psychedelic dream-folk is the perfect soundtrack to any foray into nostalgia. ‘It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie’ is a simple and heartfelt take on a 1936 Billy Mayhew classic (via Louisiana artist Cleoma Breaux).  

Buy Shrugs’ music here, and keep a lookout for more!


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