TUNES // Lando Chill – Fck W/ Me

Post by Ben

There’s something to be said about allowing oneself to sit in a marinade of frustration. To, over the course of a day, allow agitation to seep in on many fronts. Whether it’s a major creative goal you dropped-the-ball on or a simple unaccomplished chore, there’s always a point of no return, a point where indecisiveness becomes laziness and it’s honestly the fucking worst.

But then there’s music. There’s a song that can lull you into a creative flow, a track that sonically reinforces your creative tent poles. And finding the balance between a healthy lifestyle and your creative epicenter suddenly seems only a playlist away. Fck W/ Me is one of those songs. It’s introspective, sexy, and R&B infused. At first, Lando Chill is whispering in your ear and then suddenly brandishing the range of his voice, crooning about the ails of loneliness. Lando’s new jam is alive with danceable energy and at the same time it’s ambient and melancholy. So go ahead, toss it on your December playlist.


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