TUNES // Nilüfer Yanya – Baby Luv

post by misha

she plays like it’s poker but probably it’s more like slots. or russian roulette.

unclear when falling down became the whole game but that’s usually how it shakes out anyhow

and winning feels suspiciously like losing at something else but she’s sort of lost track of how to keep score.

At the TedX event where she debuted this song, Nilüfer Yanya said Baby Luv is about “suppressing your feelings and not being able to feel the normal things like joy and pain,” which sounds about right. In the video, shot in the chilly gray of the British seaside, a blank Yanya wanders through an eerily empty vacationer’s resort; the paint is faded, once modern decor now cringingly chintzy, the pool is full of leaves. She deadpans the song’s mantra-like chorus over a simple guitar line:

‘again, again, again, again
do you like pain?’

Earlier this year, the 22 year old London pop-via-RnB artist released a 3-song EP called Plant Feed, which we loved very much. We’re excited to see what 2k18 brings for the young artist and we hope she’s taking care of herself in the meantime <3. Buy Baby Luv here. Tour dates here.


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