TUNES // Bobbi Rush – Miles (feat. Micah E. Wood)

post by misha

this song trembles with the foolish and heartbreaking need to know that which cannot be known.


for instance, have you ever broken up with someone you loved and then two months later passed by the pizza place yall used to visit at midnight, wondering masochistically if they were bringing their new partner to all of “your” places (“yours” because you own them, right? because no two people could enjoy the garlic bread at Mr. So And So’s Local Late Night Pizzeria as much as you did).

anyway. then for the first time you stop to wonder whether any of the places you visited were shared with someone else first. if your new memories always felt like old memories to him, and if that part ever went away.

you never asked about that. and now you’ll probably never know.

Baltimore RnB popstress Bobbi Rush is topping our lists of artists to watch in 2018. Her 2017 EP, Miles, is sultry, bold, and full of surprises. Buy Miles here. Keep up with her on Twitter here.


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