TUNES // The Weather Station – Thirty

Post by Misha



i’m not like those punk rock kids
the ones who tell you it’s easy

just dance
wave your arms
who cares

because that’s what it looks like to Be Yourself, you know –
and i was always doing something different

something quieter

waiting for the chrysalis to split
to just dance, yell
with my hands in the air – or at least want to

or at least permission
to stay at the bar and watch
the punk rock kids with their hands and their airs

to slip outside between sets
and smoke with the girl in the corner where it’s quieter, where
we can unfold in whispers and

stop pretending to be larval

The Weather Station‘s newest self-titled album is a self-assured gem. It’s the sound of an artist who knows her own voice, and is always looking for new ways to use it. Dancing between folk, country, and bluegrass, with splashes of rock and warm pop, the album is an affirming listen for a quiet day. Buy it here.


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