TUNES // Marrón – 10 Años

Knowing precious little Spanish, I find myself meditating over Marrón‘s lyrics on the concept of 10 years. How 10 years ago I’d just gotten my driver’s license and my restlessness and recklessness combined in often very stupid ways. Case in point: 10 years ago I had almost fallen in love for the first time.


I also had a sort of a lack of imagination about the future. A belief in linear trajectories maybe. Or maybe just a limited knowledge of how many different ways things could go wrong. Life was a blurry polaroid taking shape with chemical surety.

10 years from now feels more like a particularly confusing and grotesque adventure in cubism. Nuclear annihilation feels about as plausible as passionate revolution. And vice versa, too.

Anyway there’s something in this song that invites reminiscence while at the same time urging its listener ever forward. Which is an unusual thing.

Marrón is a singer, songwriter and producer from Mexico. “Etc.” is his first solo album, created over more than year of traveling between his hometown Acapulco, Mexico City and New York City. During the summer of 2015 Marrón met Swedish producer Van Rivers (Fever Ray, Blonde Redhead, Active Child & !!!) in Brooklyn. [From the artist’s Soundcloud] Buy Etc. here


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