MIXTAPE // Amtrac—Hey There Kiddo Pt.3


Post by Ben

I sent this mix to a friend and the response I got back was:

What’s this mix? Give me a little more intel before I commit lol.

And then I died some inside… but only a little. I understand it can be intimidating to look at a DJ mix and scoff at the hour and fifteen-minute length, but at the same time, there aren’t many people doing it with as much finesse and subtlety as Amtrac. Plus, that’s less than two episodes of most streaming TV shows.

Each track in the mix comes from unreleased material, not to mention the plethora of samples and personal field recordings embedded in and between cuts. The original Hey There Kiddo was released in 2012, an homage to the Avalanches’ Since I Left You. It’s hard to not immediately bob your head to the wide sonic variety: deep house, disco, funk, post-punk, hip-hop, big beat, future bass, and brooding synth introspection. Might as well start your own dance party?

If anything, Hey There Kiddo Pt.3 really is the perfect companion to a long highway drive, nightly run, or creative brainstorm.

Samples I caught: Terminator, Rush Hour, Hard to Kill.

Kentucky native Caleb Cornett released his debut LP Came Along in 2010 and ever since I’ve tried to keep up with his prolific output of EPs, remixes, and singles because he still has me eagerly anticipating another vocal heavy LP.


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