TUNES // Reptaliens – 29 Palms

Post by Misha


Remember how music was before Donald Trump was president? How it was nostalgic and sweet, but not sweet in the way that we felt compelled to talk about tenderness in spite of or in resistance to the sweeping callousness of the world?

Not to say that music was better then, or that the world used to be so particularly less callous, or that it’s such a bad thing to have our collective creative consciousness rocked and roiled and spattered expansively against a wall like a Jackson Pollack painting. It’s just sometimes nice to remember.

Reptaliens are a husband-wife duo from Portland. They are inspired by sci-fi art, cult mentality and deep connections, creating low fidelity chameleon dreamscapes somewhere between abstract expressionism and surrealism both sonically and visually. Their debut album, FM-2030, is out today. Buy here


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