TUNES // Wolfy – Solid Gold (feat. Ren Farren & Katie Skene)

Post by Zach Siegel


Considering the cigarettes still sealed inside my desk
or hooking up my hookah just to interrupt my breath.
The scientist sits in my skull and note-takes in his log:
“The human has to have it out of habit in this slog.
Observe his mind works overtime, he’s shifting in his chair
while other humans seem just fine to breathe the normal air.
Some circuit here is broken, yes, for certain it’s not right.
Is he too weak to go the week just living natural life?”
To shut him up, I break the stems and scrape away the kief:
a desperate kind of dusting done to revel in relief.
Then tingling tugging tendrils come to take me far away.
The scientist just takes a note: “He couldn’t last one day.”

Wolfy is producer/songwriter Madison Scheckel, who collaborates with equally cool people. I don’t think this song is about drugs, but when you’re not doing drugs, every song is about drugs. Something about climbing a mountain and failing spectacularly. Being trapped by a fairy tale. 

More EPs are coming. Check out Wolfy’s site for more music and news. 


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