TUNES // Common Holly – Nothing

Post by Misha


Probably my least favorite part of breaking up is the communication that comes afterwards. The drunken emails, stilted text messages, never knowing what emojis are appropriate, trading songs with meaning-laden lyrics which neither of you ever address, and those ill-advised “coffee catch-ups” – like meeting at 9am and calling it something non-threatening is going to keep me from shouting stuff about my undying love before I’m even halfway through an overpriced cappuccino.

I guess it’s all something about feeling like if you could just find the right thing to say you could understand and be understood and it would make the thing easier but like, that’s obviously bullshit.

Anyway knowing that no one has anything useful to say after a breakup is probably a mark of maturity that I will never attain but this song is very aspirational.

Common Holly, a project of Montreal based artist Brigitte Naggar, is brilliant in its simplicity. ‘Nothing’ is the sweetest, most understated 2 minutes of pop-folk wisdom that you will hear today. Her debut, Playing House, is out October 23 on Solitaire Recordings. Preorder here.


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