TUNES // Bella Porter – Influenza

Post by Misha

There’s something about songs that sample voicemails from mothers. They make me both overwhelmingly grateful and also terrified that I’ll never be able to love anything as much as my mother loves me.


Like for instance these are some of the messages my mom has sent to me over the course of my young adult life:

Tell me I don’t need to worry about you.

was I right about who Drake is?

Check out my FB homepage if you haven’t seen my shares of two articles about relationships

Hey! Just read up on Cuzco and MP and my mom worry radar went off about the altitude in Cuzco so be sure to let me know you acclimated ok and are doing fine, alright?

So, should I have received paperwork from you dealing with your passport application?

anyway, sounds like you need lots of rest and fluids
maybe you’re feverish?
sounds like the flu
stop drinking so much.

when your mascara tube is all dried up and worthless, stick the end where the wand is in hot water for a minute or two. It’ll work just like new and you can keep doing it for lots of times!

Should I make a dentist appt for you for when you’re here?

you need a hat and lots of water available at all times, sunscreen or long sleeved shirts and don’t get caught in a flash flood…they are very serious there when it rains so you have to stay out of low lying ravines, etc and not drive in a low part of the roads

How do you make that open mouth smily face?

hopefully the UTI goes away after whatever medication you have and 2) PP can help you figure out what’s up with your period.

also there is no water at any of the campsites so bring your own or a container that you can fill up at the entrance which is a good ways away from any of the campsites. I just looked and average low is about 40 in March

did you get your ballot/meds yet?

hi Angel. Do you know how much I love you? and you know that we support you 100%, right?

some day you’ll miss getting all these annoying texts/msgs from me


Bella Porter is a Los Angeles artist. She released an album called Luck Of The Draw in June. It is beautiful. 


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