TUNES // Teen Ravine – Hall Of Horrors

“We wanted to create music for people to sink into themselves as they float in a warm bath staring down at their own weird naked body.”

Teen Ravine on their forthcoming album.


There are certain nights (like this very night) that I find myself in my living room at midnight doing yoga, but instead of my normal routine sometime around the first down dog I sort of just become enamored with my own body and i just sit on the mat and notice the way for instance my skin feels. the way it’s softer and warmer in the crook of my elbow than at the tops of my shoulders, the vertebrae that sticks out a little at the nape of my neck, the crease of muscle that appears when I point my toes.

I do that for a little while but then on these nights I pretty inevitably move on to noticing my flaws, the things I don’t want to type here now because I still half believe that they gain strength when you call them by their names – that myriad of small private embarrassments that I’ve gotten very good at hiding and plucking away. So anyway I notice those things that will remain unnamed and I wait for the the mental-emotional jumping-of-ship, the belabored Navy Seal in my brain that I count on in these moments to air drop in and whisk me away when I innocently, accidentally rediscover the imperfections we’ve been so diligently forgetting––

but tonight it’s nice because instead I’m filled with this very high feeling about how utterly absurd it is to expect one’s body to be something more than healthy and alive. You know, like how I have this one vehicle to carry me through the world and how lucky and privileged I am to have even that and how cruel and stupid it is to spend any time at all hating a miracle for how it looks in a bathing suit. You know.

Teen Ravine are Nick Rose and Dan Griffin. They are from Toronto and they have two singles on Soundcloud, one of which is this one, which has shades of Rhye and early morning sun. Look for their debut LP this October.


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