TUNES // Lomelda – Out There

Post by Misha

Another old Tumblr account find. This one is from a day when I was really really depressed and watching Love S1 on Netflix.


I just started watching Love on Netflix. I think I would be more OK with being sad if being sad was as fun as it is when Judd Apatow writes it.

Maybe if I was taking Ambien and winding up in weird new age churches and having meet-cutes in fucking gas stations I’d dread waking up less.

My unhappiness isn’t hip or exciting. I just end up getting drunk and stoned at 2pm, watching Netflix original programming and trying to avoid my own brain. The hours go by like skin being peeled from my face.

The way I do it, being sad is just sad. It’s sad and boring and confusing and there are almost no quippy one-liners.

Miscellaneous questions from the episode:

  • What was Gus doing at a gas station in Echo Park? That’s kind of a long way from the Oakwood Apartments. And if he was on his way somewhere why didn’t he have to continue going there?
  • And wtf happened to his car? Did he just leave it at the gas station? Why did he say he’d have to Uber home from Mickey’s place? His car was literally two blocks away.

Lomelda just came out with this devastating album called Thx that everyone should listen to immediately. Out There is one of my favorite songs from that album.

She’s on tour atm, tix here.


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