TUNES // Tangerine – Sly Moon

maybe let it go.

post by Misha


So I went out the other night and impulsively bought a fancy eleven dollar bottle of beer at a hipster beer shop by my place and I’m already regretting it because I already know what’s going to happen with this goddamn beer which is:

I’m going to spend every day of the next three months wondering if this is The Right Time to drink an eleven dollar bottle of beer which who tf knows or cares what The Right Time to drink an eleven dollar bottle of beer is but as a result this beer is going to sit in my fridge until December at which point the fact that I haven’t drunk it yet is going to begin to haunt me in a new way because what kind of irredeemably sad person agonizes this long over a goddamn beer even if it is goddamn eleven dollars at which point i’m still not going to drink it out of some deeply masochistic mixture of principle and shame and over time it will be pushed to a dark corner of my refrigerator which one thing about my refrigerator is it is not great at keeping temperatures even so the beer is in all likelihood going to freeze and then the glass will break and create this totally unnecessary and totally avoidable mess not to mention another way to hate myself and my futile mechanisms for dealing with the fear of loss and nothingness,,,,,

& i’ll also just mention real quick that i was the kid who hoarded halloween candy until the snickers petrified in their wrappers and the smarties disintegrated into a fine pastel powder, until eating them was far more trouble than it was worth – and furthermore i routinely save the best for last which really means saving the best for a time in the unspecified future when i no longer want it.

– which is to say i’m super into the idea of things being special but have no idea what to do with special things when i have them let alone what to do with myself when they’re gone.

Tangerine are sisters Marika and Miro Justad and guitarist Toby Kuhn. Sly Moon is the band’s first single since their lovely 2016 EP, Sugar Teeth. Catch Tangerine on tour this fall with Bleachers – dates here. They’ll be playing an LA show on September 26 at the Fonda, tix here


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