TUNES // 100% – ESRT (2001)



Do you ever think about grocery store tabloids?

I do, sometimes.

Such as, I wonder who are the people buying them. Are they old? Are they nice? Are they lonely? As lonely as I think they are? Do they watch Dancing With The Stars and read Soviet poetry before bed? Do they have children they don’t understand? Do they have a good sense of humor and know the difference between irony and self loathing? What’s their opinion on the Internet?

Such as I wonder who are the people making them? Do they work in cubicles with flaking corkboard partitions and more than the necessary amount of fluorescent lights? Are they losing a battle against their own hair? When they see their magazine in line at the grocery store what kind of sound does their soul make? Are they artists? Do they have a secret? Do they miss the Old Taylor like I do?

Such as I wonder if maybe tabloid magazines are put in grocery stores by God or the Illuminati to test us. If you peel it open is there anything inside? If you get close enough can you hear your most personal fears and ugliest desires whispering? Are you weak and tired? Do you see dark banality laid out like a bad lover? It’s a trick, don’t look it in the eye.

I know nothing about the artist 100%. I found this album on Vagabon’s Twitter. This song is about Earth science. 100% has the weirdest Bandcamp page I’ve ever seen. I think it’s safe to assume that they’re a really cool DIY person who only plays unannounced shows in Brooklyn. But babe if you’re ever in LA hit me up I really wanna be friends and buy ur tapes.


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