TUNES // Twain – Solar Pilgrim

Post by Misha


this is the cult of Uncomplicated Things:

to touch shiny objects without ever having to own or take care of them –

trying on feelings like fancy dresses; putting them back with wine and vomit stains down their fronts.

to believe that shiny things are only shiny and never sharp

to forget that love can be withdrawn whether it is requited or not

leaving in the morning with a headache and a pack of his cigarettes for later.

but waking up alone short of breath and a half a pack of cigarettes never feels half as good as slipping out the door.

Twain is Mat Davidson, whom Adrienne Lencker of Big Thief calls her favorite living songwriter. Big Thief premiered this song yesterday, calling it “a song for the ineffable that must be heard.” Twain’s debut album, Rare Feeling, is out October 20 on Keeled Scales. Pre-order here. Fall tour dates here.



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