PREMIERE // The Fontaines – Playgirls EP

So, today I found yet another downside to having a proto-fascist maniac in the highest office in the land which is that when I’m having renewed feelings of depression and hopelessness it’s hard to figure out if that’s a result of going off meds or just a sane reaction to my Twitter feed.

…ya know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway someone I was talking to recently remarked that we are experiencing widespread national trauma, which doesn’t feel too off base psychologically speaking.

And I realize that most of these feelings stem from the privilege of being a person who until recently did not personally feel the terrible effects of daily uncertainty, hatred, and fear, and that for many people the trauma is not a new thing – so this is not at all to make this moment about me. However, real quick I just wanted to remind us all to keep space in our activism for the things that make the hopelessness and anxiety bearable, though never easy. Friendship, art, community, love, solidarity, music. Sometimes pizza.

This new Playgirls EP from my friends The Fontaines has a little bit of all the things that keep me sane in these moments and I’m honored to be premiering it for them today.

The EP has been getting airplay from legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer on Sirius XM and there will be a release party on August 31st at The Troubador (tickets here). Keep up with The Fontaines via their YouTube channel where they are frequently vlogging and other cool and hip things.


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