TUNES // Leaf – Nada

So I was rewatching Rick and Morty last night when this Trojan XOXO ad came on and I have a few words that I need to say.

  1. Trojan, your ad includes actual VO that reads, “why should only men be able to buy condoms?” I think perhaps you don’t understand how stores work. It may surprise you to learn that women are already able to buy condoms. I myself have done it on several occasions. Maybe the better question would be, why in the fuck would we want to? Which brings me to my second point:
  2. What is this horseshit. I’ve actually had a costly and rather painful procedure – involving the surgical insertion of a piece of metal into my cervix – to take care of my end of this arrangement. Literally the least a man can do is swing by CVS real quick.
  3. Alert me when women start coming into men’s beds like “hey sorry I forgot to take my birth control tonight can I grab a pill from you?” and then we can talk.
  4. Oh and of course these fucking lady condoms costs $1.60 more than the condoms all these alleged men out there “get to buy.”
  5. I’ve never seen an XOXO condom in the flesh before (no pun intended) but if they’re pink I swear to God.
  6. The average woman pays over $1000 more each year for the same products as men. We also make .78 cents on a man’s dollar. But yeah tell me more about how unfair it is that they’re expected to buy their own goddamn condoms.
  7. In conclusion, GO FUCK YOURSELVES, TROJAN.

In lighter news here’s a Leaf song with a bunch of badass babes.


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