TUNES // Ben’s Incessantly Streamed Tracks of 2016: #15 Structures — Iamforest

Imagine a video camera transfixed on a single drop of water from a stream of yesterday’s precipitation. The sensor captures the delicacies of the drop falling and mingling with moss in smooth slow motion.

Afterwards, it’s a person who takes those thousands of frames and molds them into something with feeling and form, layering it with other elements to create meaning. At its core, it’s an imitation, a dense grouping of colored pixels flashing in sequence — but at its most transformative it intoxicates the senses and develops into something far beyond the sum of its parts. It stirs new feelings and speaks in fresh ways.

From the reverb-soaked guitar chords to the expansively breezy vocals, Structures consistently transports my minds’ eye to places unexplored. Whether you’re hovering above a mist-laden coast dappled with trees or immersed in the swirling complexities of a raindrop, it’s the type of track that you forget is playing because you’re suddenly so lost in it. Iamforest is the musical brainchild of Vancouver native Luke Hartle. Besides a handful of wonderful EPs, Hartle also maintains an eye-catching visual aesthetic throughout his work — the cover art for his self-titled album is mesmerizing.

Iamforest has released two new singles in 2017 so far: Atoms and Hollie. For more information, you can also visit Luke’s website here.


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