TUNES // The Fontaines – Two Bodies

By Misha

I had a dream last night that I was sitting on a couch with a man. And he wrapped an arm around me and traced a pattern on my cheek with his fingers. And that was the whole dream.


“‘Two Bodies,’” according to singer Charlotte Fontaine, “is about taking someone else’s inability to fall in love very personally.”

The Fontaines‘ newest single is a characteristically sultry affair that veers the group into a dark pop landscape. It’s something of a change of scenery from the band’s previous catalogue and I’m really digging it. The accompanying neon-noir video features frontwoman Charlotte Fontaine in a fittingly sparse, vaguely occult space where the lilting song takes on a sinister undertone.

The Fontaines are a brother-sister duo out of LA. They make really good music. They are also delightful people. You can keep up w them on both those fronts on their new vlog series which can be found here. Also buy their music here.



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