SHOWS // Broods @ Cat’s Cradle – June 7, 2017

Photos and words by Colleen

Gracefully electric. If you want a quick summary of Broods live, those two words will do it.

The brother/sister duo Georgia and Caleb Nott (née New Zealand) landed at Carrboro, North Carolina’s highly-esteemed Cat’s Cradle this past Wednesday to captivate a hard-core crowd. I’m not using hard-core lightly here. Georgia told the audience it was comprised of “by far the best singers of the whole tour.” Not one soul was simply standing; everyone partook for a holistic set.


This wasn’t all by chance. Broods set the pace immediately with “Conscious,” an intense, dark pop track which lent itself for Georgia to glide seamlessly across the stage. The high-impact chorus interrupted all gliding though, as Georgia ran and thrusted full-force toward the mesmerized crowd. This sound and energy kept pace throughout the set, only coming down for a heartfelt acoustic three-song run, including a gut-wrenching rendition of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.” Georgia thanked the crowd in awe for coming together and understanding what the band is about; finding beauty in life’s imperfections.

One may think Broods’ intensity and lyrical content could make for somber energy, but nothing could be further off. With up-tempo tracks such as “Free” and the encore’s closer, “Couldn’t Believe,” the crowd banded in empowerment – perhaps the greatest form of empathy.

Bonus personal points:
1: Number of tears I shed because they didn’t play my number one streamed track of 2016 (of all artists!), “Four Walls.” No worries though, I can’t actually deduct any points off a set that perfect.

5: Number of gold stars I rate such a cool, respectful, passionate crowd.

132: My guesstimate of the number of cat photos within Cat’s Cradle, including a makeshift photo booth with cat wallpaper. So basically, Cat’s Cradle is epic.

Broods is currently touring the band’s latest album, Conscious. Pick it up on iTunes or at the merch stand when you see the duo on tour – which you should. Click here for tickets.


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